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2016/06/30  やさしい日本語と英語で行う幼稚園・保育園説明会“Kindergartens/Nursery Schools in Yokohama”  [ メニュー: お知らせ ]
We will have an event, Kindergartens/Nursery Schools in Yokohama explained in simple Japanese and English, for guardians whose 1st language is not Japanese.
Feel free to attend with your baby/kids.
No charges.

Date and Time: July 15th(Fri), 10:00〜11:30
Place: 2nd Floor, at DROP Satellite in Tsunashima-higashi
Call DROP 045-540-7420 or
send an email to admin@kohoku-drop.com for detail.

Kindergartens/Nursery Schools in Yokohama

2016/06/30  11:13
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